Android versions for Edge

Hi guys,

My edge just arrived from the indegogo campaign and I’d like to get started asap!

I’ve noticed it has Edge_Nougat_V190527 installed by default so my question is; do the numbers refer to the release date? There is Edge_Nougat_V190612 which I assume is the latest release then… however, I notice that Edge_Oreo_V181111 is available but has an older date despite being a newer Android version (why?)… so which is the best, has fewest bugs, runs faster and most features? Im guessing Oreo should the way to go but would have a much older security patch.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Is there a place where I can view the change log for version updates and existing issues between Oreo and nougat? I tried github already…

Also it didn’t come with a case, I’m assuming it will go into my VIM 2 case just fine?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @simsim
for the diy case, I modified a vim2.
I’m waiting for the edge v, it should arrive this week.
for android, it will have to wait more back on users.
what did you get as accessories with the edge v?

I ordered the USB adapter and the fan but they didn’t arrive yet…

I just have the edge-v 128gb and the heatsink today.

You don’t know about which version of Android is the best then?

The Edge_Nougat_V190612 version is more stable. We are not going to pay more attention to Oreo, because it is only the version of the temporary. Thanks


Thanks for that confirmation.