Android tv rom update

any idea on when or if we’re getting any update on the android tv rom

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Maybe @superceleron can answer it for you. :smile:

Well when i have the free time really, im full of work this days since the company i work for is rls they 1º product so is all in a big rush now to finish things and that dont let me to much free time to update my roms.
Is also lucky they let me continue my custom work… even when have a exclusivity contract…
I bet @Terry knows what i mean :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello superceleron,
Just want say nice you have good news for you and your job. Just wait for your update because you really made a good job with scv3. Hope you found time. Thanks in advance. Have a good day

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Hy superceleron just one question it is possible to change display size (density) or font size. It’s really small for me. I’m hold :grin::wink:
Thank’s in advance