Android Pie. Problem with developers options

Hello everyone
I purchased VIM3 and immediately ran into a problem: NO ONE third-party launcher can add an application widget! In the course of experiments, I found a source: Total Launcher wrote - “Turn off” Don’t keep activities “in developers options”. Activated developer options, entered - this item is OFF. To give 140 dollars and get a piece of iron that you can’t even customize to your needs - it’s very sad! It seems to be not the first day this device has been produced, but such elementary errors have not been eliminated until now! On the site Khadas 10 TEN! firmware updates - and doesn’t work as expected. Can we hope to fix this error in the near future? Or will you have to sell VIM3 and look for something else that works correctly?

Thanks for your answer, best regards, Alex.
(Google translate)

I also found that Hotspot is typed HotPot in settings. I laughed at that last night. :sweat_smile:

Anyways Bro it’s good that you shared your problem, hopefully will be solved soon. We have a good mix of developers and helpful users here.

Also you can try below custom rom too