Android PIE AOSP


I want to know when can we get android 9 SDK for Khadas Edge V.
GitHub i am able to see SDK for only Android N, can you provide GitHub link for Android 8 if available.

When they release it, I’ll make a custom firmware.
Android Oreo was very unstable for all Android devices, so it was only a temporary stop for Khadas I think. Android 9 will be the next stable Android OS after Nougat.


Android 9.0 SDK may be released on Friday or next week. Android 8.0 has no plans yet.

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If someone can upload a separate compressed tar gzip with already repo synced folders for the Pie SDK but without the git history and .git folder so it’s <20GB it would be very appreciated, to download from slow connections which get connection problems downloading from Git hosts. The full SDK can still be uploaded to Github/GitLab with all history to download too next week.

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Please check, it seems a problem on all Rockchip Pie SDK’s.
Maybe it can be fixed before Pie is released for Khadas Edge V?

  1. If you use an airmouse or USB Keyboard, you can’t continue after entering the wifi password.
    If you press Enter, it moves to the setting under it, ‘Hide password’.
    If you use an ir remote with the onscreen keyboard then you can use that Enter key and it works.

But if using a USB keyboard, the onscreen keyboard gets disabled.
It only shows when all USB keyboards or mouse are unplugged from the USB ports.

  1. In TvSettings - Keyboards and autofill - Physical keyboard - when you enable ‘Show Virtual keyboard’ and use an airmouse, the onscreen keyboard doesn’t pop up, only if you remove the airmouse dongle/USB keyboard connection and just use an an ir remote. It would be great if you can toggle this setting if you use an airmouse too, sometimes it’s quicker to click on the onscreen keyboard with a mouse and other times to hide it when using a mouse/USB keyboard.

Android 9 SDK have already been released?
If not yet, I want to know when it release.

There are some difficulties in uploading. It is estimated that it will be released on Friday or June this week.