Android PI update


Any one able to update android local build with update.img file remotely?
like normal phone works?




maskrom and usb c

Hi Fred

Is there ant TWRP support present or any other method present so we can update without other system help. just downloading updat.img on data partition and then we can update from there it self?


I already try with recovery does not work.

if you are in nougat or oreo, you have to go through maskrom.

the scores are different between oreo, nougat and especially pie.

I made the update in pie but with usb c and maskrom.

you are obliged, the partion is different between oreo, nougat and especially pie

@Jigar . Android remote upgrades are not supported for the time being.

I can try to build TWRP for you but it’s not that useful.
The firmware then also needs to be built in a TWRP format which I don’t think is possible.
TWRP was mostly used to flash SuperSU to root but it’s not needed anymore because of Magisk. Just upgrading via PC is far more convenient.
If you want to make a backup of your firmware to clone it to another device or just backup all your app settings, I’ll post a tool to do it.
But what works best is to just use an apk auto installer app then you can use a single click with to install all the apps you use after installing new firmware.



Thanks for reply.

I want to know is there any application or any tool available to take backup of application setting with one click and we can apply after loading new firmware?


Hi Frank

Thanks for update

Please can you provide me approx time line when this feature will be available in khadas sdk?


@Jigar,About this problem. It need @Terry and @Waylon to answer you.

Hello, I have not used it in a long while, however, Titanium Backup(free version and pro version available) can save apps and data in a backup stored on portable storage(SD, thumb drive, etc). Selective or complete restores were options if I recall correctly. It is available on Google Play Store. This is the app’s home site.
Not sure it will work for you, but worth a look.
Good luck.

You can also try a free app like oandbackup to backup app & app data.

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