Android Lockscreen Possible?


I am using a few VIM3 on android and have a scenario where a screenlock would be useful.
It seems none is integrated. Any idea on how to retrofit one?

Thanks in advance.

That would be nice to have an answer for.

@mldevw you enter Droid Settings>More settings>Device Preferences>Screen saver,the screenlock is available

Hi, which android version does contain that feature?

all VIM3 android version contain that feature

Sorry, I just can’t find it, even in the most recent Android 9 version:

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you can enter Droid Settings>More settings>Device Preferences>Screen saver to find it

Hi @jasonl,
I completed the exact procedure (Droid Settings>More settings>Device Preferences>Screen saver), and I get this same screen from above.

No option for lock.

I need it for security, why is it not available?

It is there on Android on EDGE-V, but not VIM 3 (running Pie v211220)

I need to setup my VIM 3 as soon as possible and I need to use a lock-screen. Please tell me how to enable lock-screen even if I have to use ADB.

Update: I have also tested on VIM3_Pie_V210908 and there is NO lock screen option.
Update 2: I have also tested on V210527 and there is still NO lock screen option!

Hi @ebecaf i will check this issue later

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Thank you, I look forward to your reply.