Android build pass but cannot be downloaded for VIM3L

Hi Khadas team
I have a new issue for “update.img” download.
“update.img” at same environment for VIM3 can be downloaded. while cannot be download for VIM3L.


below is the log from the usb_burn_tool_v2.2.0
链接: 提取码:vm3l

@Mobile360 You board is VIM3 ? or VIM3L ?

I have x2 board, one is VIM3, the other is VIM3L.
VIM3 can downloaded with update image.
but vim3l cannot.

链接: 提取码:vm3l
it’s the android build log for VIM3L, please check. build result is pass.

@Mobile360 Did you try the offical release firmware ?

yes, I tried, official release firmware is ok.

@Mobile360 OK , @goenjoy @jasonl @Terry will help you about your android build logo info .

Guess your uboot compiler is wrong:

$ cd bootloader/uboot
$ ./mk kvim3l


Sorry, we don’t provide technical support and after-sales service for this demand.

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