Android 10 on VIM3L


I saw that it was possible to compile Android 10 for the VIM3L according to the linux-meson wiki and this README.But doesn’t work for me :confused:

As a result, I have 3 files, boot.img, kernel, ramdisk.img, and they are all very small (< 20mb), it is a little suspicious

it takes me all day to compile a version, so I don’t want to loose my time by doing multiples tries.

Has anyone successfully generated a version from these sources ? The Uboot for android is specific or I can use uboot-mainline ?

Thank you very much

I believe you need Android 10 SDK or something for that, for more info ask khadas themselves,
as Android 10 build for VIM3L has not been attempted,

you might want to ask Terry about it :slightly_smiling_face:

Those files are just the kernel… you need to populate rootfs

there is no android 10 on vim3L, only android 9