Amlogic soc configuration

is there a tool like cube mx for STM32 can i use it for Amlogic socs ?

@Boudour Sorry, currently there is no such highly integrated and graphical tool as cubeMX.

@Frank thanks i have another question about building AOSP I’m using ubuntu 20.0 focal to build but it always make error while building song/build error

Yes, Ubuntu 20.04 will fail. Please use Ubuntu 18.04 host.

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@numbqq okay thanks
i have more then 2 weeks building and getting errors XD

iirc, the recommended version of Ubuntu for AOSP is 16.04 (trusty tahr) ?

i just installed ubuntu18 now :confused:
please can you help me i have got this error while installing git-lfs tool for downloading Android 9.0 SDK :confused:

~/git_lfs/git-lfs-2.3.4$  sudo ./

Error: Failed to call git rev-parse --git-dir --show-toplevel: "fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git\n"
Git LFS initialized.

Hello @Terry @goenjoy @jasonl

Please help to check.

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