Always the same bug


with any android firmware.
even the latest android tv v1.3 that I test.
either the video freezes with a strange noise, force to unplug it.
the box restart for what reason, I do not know.
video or apk, it’s the same.
hardware or software?
thank you

Hi @fred21

Can you specify more details of the issue? If you can shot a simple video will be helpful for us to understand your issue.


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Hi @fred21:
Have you tried the ROM from Khadas official?

And two more questions:

  • The video freezes when you shot the video, right?
  • Does the noise from the cooling fan or HDMI monitor?


Are you using the USB-C port next to the HDMI port for power, the same one used to flash firmware from a PC?
It can’t provide enough power for video playback or gaming.
If so, you must use the USB-C port on the bottom leftist corner.

Actually, both USB-C ports can delivery power for Edge-V.

@fred21 Which power adapter you used?

I filmed when it bugged.
the sound comes from the speaker of the tele, not from the fan it is a rolling and plugged.
I tested all android rom khadas and others as well.

I just made the change and tested for 10 minutes, with your rom v1.1a.I removed the rom android tv, what a pity I started to appreciate.

khadas white

Can you help confirm again that if the thermal pad is installed?

rk3399 processor 32°


Do you have a USB Serial tool and know how you capture the kernel log?

If not, I will try to figure out another way to resolve your issue.

no,never done, never tried

Are you a normal user or developer?

Not sure if you can follow this guide to setup the USB Serial tool then help capture the linux print log and post to us.


user, hacker, mc gyver, but not developeur.j’ai plugged usb-c the most loing of the hdmi, for the moment it goes.

no hacker, traduction no correct.


Hello fred21, I can assist with using the USB-to-Serial adapter. It is easier than it looks. I have much the same skill set you mentioned.:grin:
Let me know if you think I can help.


Please tell me the detailed steps to reproduce the problem.


There is no stage that happens when it happens.

Can’t it be repeated?


What I mean, it happens anytime, kodi, iptv, netflix or whatever.