Allowed utilization level of VIM3 NPU?

Dear technical support team, and Hello to all of the forum users,

Hello, I am trying to utilize NPU on vim3 for purpose on AI research.
What I wonder is that how can I use NPU on the lower level (what I mean lower level is that I want to use NPU not a whole single model but better for the segmented layers, such as letting NPU to calculate 1 convolution layer and get output or let NPU to calculate such MAC operations).

I just read about NNAPI that android NNAPI can access NPU when vendor driver support available.
Does VIM3 support NNAPI for using NPU, or does OpenVX supported for utilizing npu?
Does API supported for exploiting NPU in detail.

Thank you.

@Chaemin_Lim If you use ubuntu, you can try with this docs

If you use android , you can ask @Terry

Thank you! I am trying to use aml nn sdk.