Advice please for choosing which VIM to use

Hi everyone, apologies first that I’m a newcomer to SBCs so please excuse my ignorance! I aim to put together an audio streamer using Volumio. I have a fairly decent hifi and I’m looking to pick components based primarily on sound quality (or at least with an upgrade path to better quality). I’ve read good reviews of the Khadas Tone Board so I’m happy to try this, but I’m not sure which VIM board would be best. I’ve seen the VIM3L Amlogic S905D3 for £60, or the VIM3 Basic/Pro Amlogic A311D with 2 + 16GB for £100 or with 4 + 32GB for £140.
Would someone be able to advise me if the more expensive board will make a difference for my application. I don’t mind paying more if I end up a better solution, but obviously don’t want to pay out unnecessarily.
Many thanks, Richard

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Hello @Richard,
Welcome to the Khadas community,
If audio is the thing you want to do,
Go ahead and by the VIM3L, it has plenty of Audio related advantages over the VIM3,
moreover a better media station as well.

@Richard Maybe you can choose VIM3L .

Many thanks for the replies, that will save me £80!
I’ve watched a helpful youtube video on how to load Volumio on the VIM3L, but I’m sure I’ll still have some questions when I come to try. Where is the best place to post these questions - this category here?

for system related doubts, VIM3 catergory
for tone board related doubts,Tone catergory,
software and other , Technical
accessories and peripherals, Hardware and Peripherals

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hi, use the forum navigation, there are similar topics, I also follow the news
but as far as I know, work is in the process of improving

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yes that would be a more convenient method too :slightly_smiling_face:

But please feel free to post any new topic which has not been addressed before in the community.
I am sorry I did not give you a proper welcome, so
Welcome to the community @Richard :smile:

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Im curious why theVIM3L is sugested over the A311D?

I have the A311D and the Edge-V but just ordered the VIM3L

The VIM3L is the cheaper of the 3 ive bought so far and ive watched a few youtube videos that claim the 3L was a good HT unit as well i just wondered why

@Richard You can post these questions with a new topic .

As I said before the VIM3L has a lot of things going for it as being a SBC that is to be used as a media player, especially Audio streaming. Its more affordable than the VIM3 and doesn’t have much of the bells and whistles it has like a super-powerful CPU or a 5TOPS NPU, but it is a capable media player and is sufficient for what it does.