Add support for a new IR remote controller


You can look at this

You can define your remote key like this
"keymap = <REMOTE_KEY(0x18,KEY_POWER)>;"


Hello, terry. I am trying this on my VIM2 but cannot make the IR work. I use dmesg to get the IR scancode. I got something like this. I flashed the VIM2_Nougat_V180209 firmware. Any help?
meson-remote c8100580.rc: invalid custom:0xbb44fb04
My IR remote keys show below.
0xe619fb04 V-
0xba45fb04 V+
0xa25dfb04 Menu
0xe01ffb04 Home
0xf50afb04 Return
0xe41bfb04 Mouse
0xbb44fb04 UP
0xe21dfb04 DOWN
0xe31cfb04 LEFT
0xb748fb04 RIGHT
0xa35cfb04 OK
0xec13fb04 1
0xef10fb04 2
0xee11fb04 3
0xf00ffb04 4
0xf30cfb04 5
0xf20dfb04 6
0xf40bfb04 7
0xf708fb04 8
0xf609fb04 9
0xb847fb04 0
0xac53fb04 SETTING
0xe51afb04 POWER


The dts file for VIM is ‘PROJECT/common/arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/mesongxl.dtsi’, but VIM2 is 'PROJECT/common/arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/mesongxm.dtsi’
Have a try again. Thanks.


Hi @terry . Can we use remote.conf file on nougat? I think that has more options than device-tree. For example defining (repeat-key) is a nice option which I don’t know how to configure via device-tree.

(my device now has no repeat function so a bad UX. When you hold right key it only moves one step!)


Everyone can easily derive 16 bit scancode by logic inverting the 8 bit and prepend to it. Note 0xEB is inverse of 0x14 !
See amlogic doc for remote at :