Add new module as build-in on VIM3, But save .config file

I modified ~/fenix/linux/make ARCH=arm64 menuconfig to CONFIG_IIO_SW_TRIGGER = y, CONFIG_IIO_SW_DEVICE = y.
However, if you run ~/fenix/make, linux code is newly imported and initialized to default, and CONFIG_IIO_SW_TRIGGER = y, CONFIG_IIO_SW_DEVICE = y disappear.

How can I add another module?


Try add KCONFIG_CONFIG with path to kvim_defconfig

make ARCH=arm64 menuconfig KCONFIG_CONFIG=/home/__PATH_TO_SOURCES__/fenix/linux/arch/arm64/configs/kvim_defconfig

You need to update the default configuration:

$ make ARCH=arm64 savedefconfig
$ mv defconfig arch/arm64/configs/kvims_defconfig

Rebuild the source again.

$~/fenix/linux/make ARCH=arm64 savedefconfig
$ ~/fenix/linux/mv defconfig arch/arm64/configs/kvims_defconfig

after runing the upper cmd

~/fenix/make -j4

but it dont include the module that i added.

kvims_defconfig was included but after buiding , theses module dont include.

why not include the modue i added?

Try to load module:

$ sudo modprobe xxx

Or add your module to /etc/modules, then the module will be auto loaded after reboot.