ADB support in Ubuntu Khadas VIM2(S912) as a gadget mode

Hi All,

I am planning to buy Khadas VIM2 Amlogic S912 Development Board.
And for our development and product purpose we need to use ADB in linux(Ubuntu) as gadget mode.

Can anyone confirm if the Ubuntu present in Khadas VIM2 has ADB gadget support or not ?
i.e When Khadas VIM2 has Ubuntu running, can I connect it to PC using ADB ?

Please let me know if the question is not clear or need more details.

Any help regarding this would be really appreciated.

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Hi, VIMs device support ADB on cross-platform both Windows and Linux PC, but only work out when you run Android OS(Not Ubuntu).

May I know that why you need ADB feature when you run Ubuntu?


Thanks @Gouwa

We have a requirement where,
a software in PC(Windows OS) has to communicate to software in Linux board through tcp/ip socket running on ADB over Ethernet.

Please let me know do you have any idea’s to realize this with VIM(S912).

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Seem that you have asked here:

Yes, I missed the point saying that I need the support in Ubuntu and not in Android.

Hello VijethPO,

You want to use adb to access ubuntu, right? But this feature is not supported now. It’s possible to use adb in ubuntu but I need some time to work on this…


Thanks @numbqq
Yes, I want to use adb to access Ubuntu running on VIM(S912) from my PC.
But to be more specific, my actual requirement is to use adb over ethernet/wifi rather than USB.

If its possible for you to work on this,
it would be excellent as it solves our blocking requirement of our project.

Appreciate your timely support.
Also if possible, please let me know the tentative time you need, to bringup adb.

Hello VijethPO,

I don’t have time to work on this these days, I will do this when I have free time. But I’m not sure it will work to use adb over ethernet/wifi rather than USB.


Okay, no problem.
Thanks again for quick response @numbqq

Hello VijethPO,

I have added ADB support for VIMs Ubuntu, but only for linux 3.14 & USB ADB, ethernet/Wi-Fi ADB is not working. I don’t have much time to do it now, maybe will do it when I have free time.

If you want to try USB ADB on Ubuntu you can try to build Ubuntu image via Fenix. I haven’t push to Khadas GitHub yet, but you can find it in my own GitHub.

You also need to update linux 3.14 kernel.