Acessories for Vim3?

Hi, i just received my Vim3 (A311d) today.

I didn’t know it will come without a case, as it came with previous Vim models, so i didn’t buy anything for it, i didnt even receive a usb-c cable.

Luckily i have Vim1 and 2 with me, but i am not sure what can i take from previous models.

Diy case, is it compatible with Vim3?

Power adapter 5V/2A should work, but to fulfill the boards potential, i need to buy 5V/3A adapter?

Vim heatsink, is it compatible, i have 2 of them?

I didn’t know that usb ports are black, are both of them usb 3.0 compatible?

What type of khadas fan will work on Vim3?

I think there should be a sticky created for every Vim board, i want to know what is compatible with each board, official and some unofficial stuff.

Fan for Vim1, first one i’ve bought for Vim, isn’t compatible with Vim2.

You can’t use a Vim1 fan with diy case, only with original transparent case.

I have few more examples, but i think this is enough.

That kind of stuff creates confusion, so it would be nice to have clear information about every device and board add-ons.



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Vim3 have a bigger heatsink than the VIM1&2 but still its can be used on VIM3 as screws location are the same, I tested on my on boards. But Vim3 Fan(3705) is 4 screw with 4pin while VIM1&2 fan is 3 screw with 2pins.
Also Vim1&2 heatsink have opposite heatsink while vim3 heatsink is right above the CPU.

3705 is compatible with VIM3 while i stick 3700 fan (Vim1) on my vim3 heatsink using double-sided tape and used 3v from GPIO.

Totally agreed but a little research can help with it.


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Hello, Regarding USB ports, see picture below(from Khadas Docs).

VIM3 has an m.2 connector. Depending on mode used, the USB port next to the LAN connector runs in USB2 or USB3(Default). Depends on the data switch, see here.
The USB port next to the USB-C port is USB2.