Acces root partition on EMMC from u-boot

On my VIM3 running Xenial xfce from EMMC I made a mistake and reserved too much RAM for large pages.
Now system boots but I can’t get access to shell to modify /etc/sysctl.conf.

On desktop systems there is ubuntu recovery option, but I can’t find it on VIM3.

Is there any way to access root fs from console ?

May be krescue can help u its special rescue system for khadas vim boards rust write and boot from sd

I just tried it but I don’t know how to access EMMC from krescue’s shell.

aml_partitions -m
Just run this command for mount partitions

This is output of “aml_partitions -k” and “aml_partitions -m”.

It lists the partitions but how can I access files on them ?

Check again

Solved with SD card with ubuntu xenial on it.
“sudo blkid” to check UUID of a partition and “df -h” to see which is already mounted and which is not.
Then “mount UUID=… /path”
Thanks for tips @hyphop although I finally didn’t use krescue, I think it’s a great tool.