About VIM3 Pro NPU usage without cooling fan


I recently started working with Khadas VIM3 PRO. I only use heatsink and case for cooling. I want to develop a system without using a cooling fan.

I installed ubuntu as operating system on Khadas VIM3 Pro.

I started working on the recommended “NPU Prebuilt Demo Usage” page and ran yolov4 on the board. While processing images from Logitech C920 USB camera in real time, Khadas VIM3 PRO turned itself off after about 25 minutes.

Is it normal for the card to turn itself off? If it is normal, is there any advice you can give to prevent it from shutting down?

@Huseyin_Cayirli Hi, it is possible that the board automatically shuts down due to overheating of the CPU. Here are 2 tests:
First test is to add a fan and a heat sink. If there is no automatic shutdown, it means that the CPU is overheated.
Second test If you use a USB camera, you must use a 12V power supply to supply power.

Hello, I got the same problem with my card Khadas VIM3 PRO, did you fond any solutions ? Thank you !