About release note of VIM3 NPU TOOLKIT software

Dear Technical support team,

2 days ago, I received an e-mail from Khadas khadas.wesion@pb08.ascendbywix.com. Then, I can download a latest VIM3 NPU TOOLKIT version. As we all know, until now, the compressed file (e.g., aml_npu_sdk***) has not included version information as follows.

  • The past: aml_npu_sdk.tgz
  • The present: aml_npu_sdk_6.

I have one question on the “” version. When VIM3 users try to use updated NPU TOOLKIK version, How can they figure out the changes of the updated version (e.g., “aml_npu_sdk_6.”)?

Geunsik Lim.

The version number is released by Amlogic.
You can check the docs in the SDK.


Got it. Thank you for your fast reply.