About NPU Documents for VIM3?

Hi all, i did not find any doc for NPU of VIM3, such as runtime lib, how to deploy a Caffe/MXNet model, quantization tools um, etc.

what’s roadmap for npu? 5.0T means a lot.

thanks for your review.

I did research on this subject. I found this

But it’s too much complex doc for engineer as me .
I want to use this npu with pytorch,tensorflow .But I don’t know how can I do .

  1. Is this Npu driver support Linux and andorid or just Android ?

  2. could I use openvx on the Linux ?

It seems that both linux and android was under support.
But i did not find a um for npu, just some benchmark excel. More docs was baddly needed.

Yes we bought the VIM3 for the NPU but there’s barely any documentation

The link posted by @ahmetkemal seems to be the only thing existing at the moment. Its Vivante NPU IP. Fortunately there are some chips being used by Google that have a similar if not the same NPU (also made by amlogic). In that repo there is also support for Chrome OS.

This is probably the best spot to start. It will build the SDK for the NPU. I haven’t tested it yet. My board should show up today.