About NPU Documents for VIM3?

Hi all, i did not find any doc for NPU of VIM3, such as runtime lib, how to deploy a Caffe/MXNet model, quantization tools um, etc.

what’s roadmap for npu? 5.0T means a lot.

thanks for your review.

I did research on this subject. I found this

But it’s too much complex doc for engineer as me .
I want to use this npu with pytorch,tensorflow .But I don’t know how can I do .

  1. Is this Npu driver support Linux and andorid or just Android ?

  2. could I use openvx on the Linux ?

It seems that both linux and android was under support.
But i did not find a um for npu, just some benchmark excel. More docs was baddly needed.

Yes we bought the VIM3 for the NPU but there’s barely any documentation