A311d support pdm mic?

I’d like to add pdm mic (SPH0644HM4H), which has 2 pin: PDM_DCLK(gpioa_7)/PDM_DIN0(gpioa_8),
what can i do for A311d support this pdm mic?

@ninver2020 Are you using android or ubuntu ?

I use android 。。。。。。。。。。

@ninver2020 @Terry @jasonl Please help about this question.

@Terry @jasonl Can you take a look at the PDM problem for us?

The PDM pin is not on 40 pin header, and it is on m.2 slot. How did you use it?
It need to modify a lot of source code if you want to add PDM support.

Thank you for your reply, we are using an external digital microphone, which has now been tuned