A personal report after one day of Edge-V usage

First of all, this report is my personal findings and I wanna make clear that I am not affiliated or member of the Khadas team.

I have only tested a few things that I will use in the future and frankly speaking I was a bit sceptical about the results and behavior of this board.

What I have tested so far is:

  • Changed root device from UUID to LABEL
  • Enabled wlan0 and eth0 over netplan
  • Rebuild kernel with fenix 0.7
  • Installed the generated deb files with apt
  • Rebooted with and without eth0
  • Created an eMMC XFS partition over LVM
  • Changed the default user
  • Disabled some unneeded drivers
  • Added iSCSI kernel driver and IPVS strategies like wrr, and all the rest
  • Added openVSwitch for overlay network

What can I say it is only a narrow view of this complex beast, but after 20 reboots from the command line, using the hardware buttons, the Edge-V reacted as expected.

My biggest concern was how the fenix script will work in a docker container creating uboot, debs, kernel, drm, wiringPi, gpu and it works. I installed the created deb files moved from vanilla 0.4 default image to actual fenix 0.7 with Linux <omitted> 4.4.167 #1 SMP Sun Aug 18 14:27:17 CEST 2019 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Shure there is room for improvements, and every thing is not perfect. I know how complex it is to create new hardware and combine it with kernel drivers operating systems, scripts with different flavors.

I am exited to further test the SSD, WoL, PoE, LiPo battery, Camera, I2C, GPIO, and the other boards.

I thank @Gouwa and it’s team for the commitment to quality excellence and I am pretty confident that his team will solve all technical problems professionally and creates rock solid single board computer for the world.