A minor doubt in boot images

I have a minor problem to be issued,
The Khadas website call the OS images as SD-USB.
Does that mean I can load the Image from usb external storage device ?

Perhaps an external hard drive

I think yes but as long as it have all the partition required for it to boot. Like the MBR, Boot and Rootfs. I haven’t tried it though. Theoretically, it should work unless there is some restriction in uboot to not boot from a large drives.

But I have see people boot from USB HDD.


Ok, will see if it works :smile:

Yes you can boot/run OS from USB. Just ran one of balbes150’s Armbian images from USB thumb drive on the VIM3.
I recall also running one of the Khadas SD/USB Ubuntu images from USB Flash drive.
Depending on installed firmware(eMMC), it may be necessary to activate multi-boot mode. A simple procedure.


Did it work?

Please share your experience.

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Hey sorry to add you in pms but idk why ppl directly pm me with question which idk how to answer, so I add you as you have more experience in khadas products than me.

I hope you don’t mind it.

No worries. Hopefully they got the answer they needed.

I don’t mind it.:slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, but i tried.
I was unable to load the image from my hard disk
Maybe it had problems but it just wouldn’t boot up