A handheld S905D3 Console is being made

Seems one is due to ship !


Now we need a Vim3 developed handheld ? :grin: Vim3, just the thing to prototype a handheld console on.

Also design a better, Vim3 based one of these

How about a Vim3 laptop ?



perhaps it might be time to ask for a Kap-case but for VIMs, or you can check out the detailed thread of some VIM3+TS050 cases :slightly_smiling_face:

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Reminds me of that Sony Whatchacallit?

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Well this UniSoc device is planned, read it here New Handheld suggestion - ODROID

Powkiddy are planning to make it. I suggest we need people with hardware design ability using Vim3L, Vim3, to prototype a Handheld, Tablet and Laptop, adaptable, main core board .

:grinning: good or bad idea ? :thinking:

That or crowd fund Khadas design service, to design, build and prototype software for one.

I think VIM3’s A311D is a better chip for that use case, mainly having better GPU, and software support is much more mature.

That keyboard is probably too small to be practical on a desk, and too big to be practical handheld. I remember Sony made a few batches and then discontinued it - looks cool in the marketing videos, but not a practical device unfortunately.

This form-factor is still the most practical, because the keyboard sits on a flat surface which keeps it steady:

On the other-hand, the Blackberry has a narrower keyboard which allows it to be handheld:

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