A Fix for the V12 Captain and Edge if you have one

For those that have the Edge V12 recently a bit of a thing when fitting to Captain V12
It will all be resolved, I am advised by Gouwa and You Jun so fear not.

But for a bit of fun lets hack into this (literally) :hammer_and_pick:

Captain v12 currently has a different style of connector to fit the Edge (oops)

You can see the clipy Bits on each end, they interfere with the two screws that hold Heat-sink

As I said previous lets hack into this

Not a pretty site
Does the job,
Just be mindful of resistor 560 when doing the deed.

As we can see all live happily ever after


Following Robert’s lead, I also removed them. I used a razor saw to score the plastic deep, but not all the way through. Using hemostats I snapped off the sections.
Unfortunately, while gripping the section near component R93(56ohm, R0603), the hemostats slipped off of the plastic and disengaged R93 from her Captain. :crazy_face: Not cool!

Fortunately, using hot air and a dab of solder paste, R93 was rejoined with her Captain and they seem to be enjoying their time together once again…:sweat_smile:

No doubt this ham-fisted error is embarrassing for me personally. However, if just one person can learn from my mistake, then it will have all been worth it. :laughing:

Seriously though, I am much more comfortable with four screws holding the heatsink down now, also used some small spacers to raise the HS ~1mm.

Oops Oops2

The mod, with a little something to keep me humble…

The DIY spacers. Now you know why I did not call them washers.:grin: Best I could do with poultry shears…

Spacers on the MXM3 side…

Spacers on I/O connectors side…

The reengaged, now beloved, R93…

Update: The heatsink and thermal pad I have are former versions. The spacers I used will be unnecessary for most, as now an improved heatsink and pad ship.


R93 was disengaged from her captain. :rofl:


I know! Heartbreaking ain’t it.:laughing:

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