8 Chanel secret? and lack of customer confidence!

I would like to build a multichannel DAC by use of more TONE boards – which in all sales material is stated(or hint to be correct) as a possibility by the pin connection No8 (J3) in the manual. Hereafter the information stops except for a little answer on the Q and A section in the manual. But it leads nowhere.

To get a step further I need to get an answer to the following:

  • A description of the pins so I can locate the correct for the next DAC board.
  • A description of where to input from 1) on the additional TONE board.

Please step forward with a clear statement if this is not possible or not. I find frustrated users in audiophile forums and I think that your wonderful product deserves that you make a one-pager describing the intension of the (J3) and in case it is possible a schematic overview of where to connect them.

Do the windows ASIO or Linux ALSA recognize the extension?

Can the clock between boards be synchronized from the USB connected Tone board?

Best regards Erik

hi, have a look also here Bi amplification, active filtering, dsp etc

i think that the xmos chip is programmable, can apply filtering (like biquad) and can handle multiple digital channels outputs, which are connected to these pins
but the sabre dac is only stereo

Thanks for the support.
I got some valuable documentation to get further. However, if any user has succeeded to put more Tone bords together - all controlled by the one that gets the USB signal and without the VIM I really would like to hear about it and see the schematics. Is it possible without programming the XMOS, as I guess that the ALSA/ASIO driver should know about the additional DAC channels?
How to make the USB Tone board the master including the clock is another fundamental part.
Br Erik

if you use one i2s output from the 1st TB and enter the 2nd one thru its I2S input pins, then you should be able to use the same clock between the 2

Did you get to work? Would really appreciate some direction