5m usb-c cable and tone

The tone board works well.
But when you connect a 5m cable, the computer doesn’t recognize it
It works well on other cables.
However, the 5-meter cable is not defective. It works well on other devices
The 5m cable has a good power supply, but the computer driver does not recognize it.
I have to connect to a long cable and use Is there any solution?
I’ll wait for an answer.

5m usb-c = baseus cable

Hi @parhaejin
To be honest, we didn’t do such a test with 5m USB-C cable, but we will buy one for testing and will update here.

Good day!

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테스트 해보고 답변을 달라
결과가 너무 궁금하다.

why not run longer RCA leads…Digital/usb over that length is asking for issues

Unfortunately the Tone Board could not receive data over the above-mentioned 5m cable.

Power was available at 5.23V, but no audio data.