11:11 Sales Event on AliExpress

Strange, it gives me 404 :confused:

Buddy, please use another browser to enter the world of Khadas! :wink:
Happy shopping to you!:slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @xmesaj2, yea sometimes AliExpress does some weird redirects.

You can copy khadas.aliexpress.com into your search bar, and all should be well! :smile:

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Ok I see sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t :smiley: I have no idea why :stuck_out_tongue:

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wEiRd your saying, now there is an understatement, every day a different language :upside_down_face: :wink:

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Hey guys, we’ve updated VIM3 to v13!

  • Separate 5V and 12V power circuits
  • VIN has higher power priority than USB-C
  • USB2.0 port, max 1.3A, and USB3.0 port, max 1.7A
  • AP6398S Wi-Fi module has been updated by AMPAK
  • Solved M2X Extension Board collision issue

Full details about the version update are available over at our blog: https://www.khadas.com/post/vim3-v13-whats-new

You can immediately get 20%-off VIM3 v13 during our 11:11 sale, happening tonight! Just head over to khadas.aliexpress.com to make the purchase. (Prices at Khadas Shop remain the same)


Happy update guys! Khadas always have good discounts on 11.11, I pay attention to that!

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You’re welcome! :smile:

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I must note that I have had vim3 pro for more than a year and I had no problems with it, at the moment I have a hacked ugoos am6 firmware from my compatriot, the firmware can be found in the public domain if anyone is interested, but I did not tell you about this :no_mouth:, in general, I like everything!
Good luck to all!:slightly_smiling_face:


@tsangyoujun, @Gouwa and Khadas Team, kudos on solving many of those old problems of the VIM3 :smiley:

Its great to see the device refresh has many new cool things like the improved power plane and separated 5v and 12v power levels…

just had one more question on the changes made on the device,
has the 2.4GHz WiFi and USB3.0 interference problem been dealt with ?



I have never encountered this problem for the whole year, since I use 5GHz, and today it is more relevant, but I should note that a new WiFi6 protocol has come, but I think Khadas will be able to add it over time (the router must also support this protocol).


I wish that were my case, but I am a long time user of 2.4GHz WiFi, and its what has served me best, and anyway, " If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" :slight_smile:

so I’d like to know and have the ability to use something which I have the privilege and support for. hence I need it,

I am not opposed to having WiFi 6 in the future etc. but for now I do not will to upgrade my supporting hardware

I will advise you then to work on LAN, if this is really a problem for you, since you don’t want to lose such a high-quality port like usb 3.0 on vim!

Very nice improvements. The VIN 12v/5v upgrade will spare many headaches.

Separate USB-C and VIN power supplies:
When the USB-C port is connected to a computer and 12V is supplied via the VIN port, the computer’s USB-hub or motherboard could become damaged. A power-rerouting IC has been added, this IC separates the USB-C and VIN power supplies preventing the 12V power supply from damaging your computer.


Cool seller :smiley: purchased new vim3pro :stuck_out_tongue:


I congratulate you, new revision?:+1:

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Yes :smiley: I got v13 waiting for shipping

Overall Khadas AliExpress has some good people on board and quick reply to messages


Please share your impressions later
Yes, I also always shop Khadas on AliExpress

I got v12. Very disappointed :frowning:

Hello, please clarify, when you created an order, did you specify with the seller which version of the board you want to purchase?

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