VIM2_Nougat_V170831 ethernet connectivity, reboot problems


I noticed that VIM2 is loosing ethernet connectivity if it’s left idle overnight. I cannot find a way to bring it up as there is no option. If I try the “reboot” command from console, VIM2 turn off itself, so there is no reboot.

VIM2_Nougat_V170831 + openVPN app


Thanks for your feedback. I will verify it.
You can try to use ifconfig by console

$ su
$ ifconfig eth0 down
$ ifconfig eth0 up


Yes I tried
ifconfig eth0 down

but it does not complete the command unfortunately.


Hi @terry I have noticed on V170831 build that if you enable ethernet and wifi connection, wifi is unstable by means some games can’t find internet connection. The only way to get internet for games is to unplug ethernet cable. Will test how it works on my test build and report.



what’s the hint message? Did you try to unplug ethernet port?


What do you mean hint message? After enter there is no other text. It is stuck there.

Today again ethernet connectivity was lost so I tried to unplug and plug the eth cable but to no avail.

The only option is to reboot, really inconvenient as you can imagine. To do that you need su first, otherwise after the reboot command vim2 does not power on.

EDIT: even with su, reboot does not work sometimes (random).


Can you provide printing log for me when your VIM2 lose ethernet connectivity.
How do I test it? Can you describe it more detail?
Thanks for your help.


Dear Support, Do you have any solution for that? I have the same issue as the topic owner wrote before.

Thank you, Gabor


What is the version of your ROM? Can you provide printing log for me when your VIM2 lose ethernet connectivity?


Just curious, are those with this issue using good power supplies with a minimum of 2 Amp output?