Unable to boot and unable to flash


Shouldn’t be, can you kindly confirm again that you operate in the right way?


Shorted m register with screw driver. then press reset button. no signal.


to boot into upgrade mode, i must be able to boot first. it seems my khadas is unable to even boot.

So tell me, did i wasted my money and time on this?



Be patient, kindly try again.

Make sure the screw driver with good conductivity, recommend you try again with a tweezer

Good luck!


Please dont give me false hope. Ill try again later.


Trust us, we will back you!


Since you have a VIM1, please note M-Register contacts are as shown here…http://docs.khadas.com/images/MRegister_ShortCircuit.png


Thats the M-Register that i have been trying to short all this time.


Can you take a photo how you short the M-Register?


This is how I short M-Register.
As usual, nothing happens. No signal from HDMI. Power source is usb charger. Memory card is burned with VIM_Nougat_V180210.7z using method described in http://docs.khadas.com/bootcamp/UpgradeViaTFBurningCard/


What should happen if M-Register worked correctly? Should there be HDMI signal?


Tell me. Am I wasting my time?