Tone Board not detected on reboot (Armbian)


I have strange problem. Any advice?
OS - balbes150’s Armbian (debian, server, kernel 3.14.29)

When Tone Board is connected to the VIM trough USB cable, everything works normal. But when trough GPIO, it is not detected after reboot (shutdown -r now) or even after power on if was executed shutdown command first. If i remove power cable and put it again - the Tone Board appears again.


Hi, Stefan:
Here we will confirm first then update you.

@Ben007 Maybe it’s power on/off logic cause this?


Any new information?


on my home built (using fenix scripts) ubuntu xenial w/ kernel 4.9.40 :
I plug the toneboard (generic model) on the gpio 40 pins socket,
then I connect the usb-c cable from the VIM1 pro to my laptops’ usb-A port,
I use minicom and a console serial USB cable to see the boot message,
I log in , then…

aplay -D plughw:CARD=x20,DEV=0 police_s.wav
Playing WAVE 'police_s.wav' : Unsigned 8 bit, Rate 22000 Hz, Mono

and music gets out of the RCA socket of the toneboard
then, I do
sync; sudo reboot

and again, the toneboard just works once ubuntu is rebooted

If this can help balbes150 to diagnose what happens with his Armbian+kernel 3.14


When you connect Tone Board with 40 PIN GPIO,it didnot need connect USB-C power cable.
Actually,if you plug USB-C with PC and the same time connect tone Board with VIMs,and tone board will swtich to PC sound card.


Seriously? Where you see PC in my original post?