MultiOS_3in1 (Android+Libreelec+Linux) install to eMMC


Hello, Balbes150!
Thanks for your kind support.
But still to no avail. Rewrote /dev/bootloader (error message : it’s full then confirmation of writing x kbytes?).
Am installing your latest 3-1 (seems I’ll have to stick to it for now).
Have a nice vacation!!!


I’ve installed the latest 3-1 (20180625).
Boot to android.
Impossible to boot to linux/librelec (I get the reboot menu with the choice of OS).
Managed to ssh to android via simplesshD. Can’t use setbootenv.
The noob is still a noob and still at a loss…
Thanks for tour interest!!


After multiple attempts, it finally made it.
Can’t fathom why it finally decided to work as expected??


Hello, I have a problem with VIM2, when I boot on sd card CoreELEC no longer boots multiboot just android, if I select ubuntu or libreelec boots everything in android. In eMMC I have MultiOS_3in1 (Android + Libreelec + Linux).


In Coreelec still use the old multi-boot system that can work only with android.