Mali Kernel Drivers (mali, ump, umplock, mali_drm)


Hi Gouwa,

Currently Mali kernel drivers are not implemented into Linux-3.14.29 sources. The buildroot package from Amlogic contains older mali and mali_drm sources delivered outside of kernel sources. Moreover sources from Amlogic has only meson6 meson8 implementations but doesn’t have gxbb, gxl, gxm implementations for S905, S905X, and S912 chips correspondingly.

The Hardkernel sources has only gxbb implementation.

The question is that do you have kernel-mode drivers adopted for S905X Khadas VIM?

If no then please ask Amlogic about sourses and we will implement needed drivers into your Linux-3.14.29!

Please NOTE that I talk about sources
which should be adopted for Linux-3.14.29 sources which we have on your ubuntu branch.

Best Regards,
Andrey K.


Hi Gouwa,

I have test the mali gpu driver and mali_drm driver.
There is a problem with mali_drm:

modprobe mali_drm

returns an error: Canot allocate memory

Do you have any idea about DTS settings for mali_drm ???
It seems like we have some problem with memory definition for framebuffer and GPU.

Best Regards,
Andrey K.


Hi, Andrey:
Sorry for the late response. Just finished the holiday.

Will reply you in tomorrow or so.


No problems.

This is a big story and will take more time that we can expect. I think we need Amlogic support too.

Andrey K.


Hello Gouwa,

Please look at my e-mail for you.

Andrey K.


is the gpu driver available on the latest ubuntu image?
because I am able to run glmark2 without any issues and decent result, so is it running on software rendering or is it using the gpu?


The gpu driver is unavailable on the latest Ubuntu image.
It is running on software rendering
We will add the support for gpu acceleration at next release image