Khadas Vim support IPMI interface?


I am a happy owner of Khadas Vim and I wanted to ask the respected developers and the community whether there is a built-in kernel support for the IPMI or is it possible to install it in some package, for example, on any OS (Linux, Android)? Thank you


Haven’t heard about IPMI yet :slight_smile:, can you tell us why you need IPMI on VIM?


not sure Amlogic can do it:


As one of the variants of using the VIM is a device in my home local network (the second option is PCCar). The main server in my network is NAS QNAP. I want to monitor and remotely manage all the devices in my network, I use the QRM+ package. Therefore I am interested in whether there is support for IPMI.
Also I’m interested in the integration of the VIM with the QNAP IoT, like Raspberi PI.