Khadas Tone Board for VIMs


VIMs support USB touch screen.


Thanks, from the schematic, so the xmos converts from usb to DAC…


Khadas Tone Board Unboxing Video on Youtube


I’ve get a tone board to germany ( tax etc. over 20,- € ) but where ist the user manual ? Thanx for the great board


just received mine as, well, is the DIY version supposed to have unsoldered 40pin socket ?


Actually, it’s Gerneric Edition, but you can solder by yourself :wink:

More info at:


Hi, hoffmann:
Sorry for the late response!

Please check following for the user manual:


Arrived this day…Excellent thank Guys and Gals
First we will have a play with Windows 10 and Headphones, no stereo gear here where I play (yet)

Should be easy, find a RCA to 3.5mm socket and plug Headphone direct to RCA.

That was not the case, could not find one…Looking everywhere high and low nothing,
Not even a 3.5mm socket I could Hack and connect to RCA, my pile of junk has let me down.

Can get one easy online or a run to the shop…takes time.

More Looking, Looking,

As always when pulling PC cases to pieces or anything keep the junk may come in handy,
Found while looking, a front USB Microphone and Headset thingy, this will do the job :wink:

Music to my ears,
Marked plugs are what normally plug into the MotherBoard of PC.
Soldered 3 Pins to the end of the Black cable that leads to 2 x RCA.
Plugging Sennheisers into the Green socket,

What a beautiful noise

Easy to set up in windows, Install driver. < Click
Plug in device to usb C and USB on Windows PC Done done

Find all the specs and set up

Lots Features to be found

Just to mention a few,

Now to Purchase a few 3.5mm Stereo Sockets
and a RCA to 3.5mm Stereo cable…

Oh I would have done an unboxing but it had no Fancy box :wink:

Postman knocks, now we have the neat cable for the headphones.