Khadas Tone Board for VIMs


This test report is the old Version(V12) and our optimized version is on the way. Honestly,-120dB THD+N is the theoretical value,and We’re going to optimize to -110dB or so.The biggest problem we meet is that the board area is very limited.So,Layout is a big challenge,and we try to do it as well as we can.


the only measurement is your ears :slight_smile:
Main problems for all available Hat-DACs at the moment are electronic noise, clock and the jitter.
The best way is to use the board as a slave, unfortunately Amlogic not supporting it. So the work around is an asynchronous USB with isolation, buffer and re-clock. DAC on such a small board is always a compromise but it worth in many of real life usage cases and general audio purpose.


It is true that this approach improves our VIMS audio experience while supporting external audio sources (as PC sound CARDS or SPDIF source input).Maybe all of us are the“golden ear” , and what you love to hear is the best.:grinning: