How to upgrade with new ROMs


Received my today, tried Android, everything looks fine, the device is so small, so far everything is great…

When will you upload a video instruction tutorials of how to install Ubuntu on eMMC, i want to get rid of Android, i want to use it as a desktop pc, replacing my Windows machine.

I did see your instructions, but i am a little scared that i may brick the device, video would make it much clearer.

I am not so familiar with linux terminal, i use gui whenever i can, i am a noob when it comes to Linux.

I did use many custom Android roms on my phones, but as i can see, the procedure is much different than installing rom with twrp or cwm recovery.

Khadas Vim info

Hi, Tommy21:

It’s quite common approach to upgrade ROM on VIM:

For Windows PC

For Linux PC

###Further readings:
*Ubuntu ROM upgrade instruction on SD card
*Ubuntu ROM upgrade instruction on eMMC, this can be done on WIndows PC

Read Khadas Docs for more infos.


I just wish I got my:-(
The waiting is killing me :frowning:


Hi. My Vim2 64GB arrived with Android.
I upgraded my vim2 64GB via usb on w10 pc, but:

  1. on Android session there is only 4GB of free space, and I don’t see the others 54GB.
  2. How can I reboot in Ubuntu partition? Must have I a Vim2’ s remote for do it?
    I flashed this image 4,7GB "VIM2_DualOS_Nougat_Ubuntu-16.04_V171028"
    Thanks a lot for yours help.


The others 54GB is for ubuntu.

  • Multi-OS Switch

    • First boot: Android OS
    • Android --> Ubuntu: Long press Power button, choose Reboot to Ubuntu menu
    • Ubuntu —> Android: choose System->Reboot to Android menu
    • Restart memory for DualOS: will boot into last O/S when run reboot


Thankyou. I got it.
In my opinion 40GB and 20GB where my best choise. Ok that is.