Firmware Image to run Linux with all drivers


Bought the Vim Pro months ago, seen the ad saying runs Ubuntu and all the chip sets for 4K etc. Then found it did not have the Mali Drivers for the video (4K), I have been waiting for a firmware image to come along - but no show. Will there ever be a Linux distro running on the board with everything on the board been used.


Hi Dexvim,

The official ubuntu can’t play 4K video now, but you can try Balbes150 's Armbian images with Kodi. You can refer to the following link.


I’ve completely given up on Ubuntu, i do not have high hopes that we will ever use it with Mali and vpu accelerated drivers, so i am sticking with Android for now.

Too much time has passed and there hasn’t been any progress regarding Linux, only good thing is that we can watch Kodi 17 and we can thank Balbes150 for that.

If i’d known then what i know now, i would definitely buy some other board, probably some of the Odroid boards available, C2 most likely.

We all know Khadas team is a small team, but it’s not ok to promise something you can’t deliver, it’s not ok to deceive customers.