eMMC Flash Layout


Here the number 212992 defines start sector of rootfs, because sector size is 512 bytes, the number 212992 can be calculate by divide offset to sectorsize:

212992 = 0x6800000 / 512;

here 212992 - decimal number
512 - decimal number
0x6800000 - hexadecimal of cource

please translate the page [https://radix.pro/devices/khadas-vim/] by google


@Andrey thank you, now it is clear. The sector start size 212992 is for my Ubuntu u-boot wrong and if I get your right this is right value:

Can I assume the ramdisk ist “/boot” partition and can be safely deleted? Ubunt u-boot have ext4load command so there is no need for separate FAT partition.


Of course!

You can remove FAT /boot partition, create /boot directory in ext4 rootfs, copy uImage and boot scripts into /boot directory and load kernel using

ext4load mmc 0:1 ${loadaddr} /boot/uImage

To be sure that it works you can try to load kernel manually from u-boot console before removing FAT partition.