Duplicate MAC Addresses and Serial Numbers


Is there a way to stop while ubooting or I need to execute something like following?

adb reboot uboot


I would only try to use an USB to serial cable and keep enter key pressed while the vim boots up


Unfortunately even if I hold ENTER, it boots Android… However, when I was holding POWER, then pressed RESET I was presented with Android Recovery menu, so I chose Reboot to Bootloader. Looks like I’m in uboot:

But now I can’t get out :frowning: Reboot command keeps returning me back to this nasty bootloader and Android doesn’t boot…

Figured how to get out: from Android recovery choose to mount /system and then boot system - Android loads then.

Anyway, even though I’ve seen:

This MAC address is still not present on device when it boots :frowning:

Interestingly only ethernet MAC address changes - it seems WLAN and Bluetooth addresses remains the same over reboots.

The only way I managed to successfully set up ethernet MAC address was executing following when Android was booted:

So the ethernet MAC was set, but it was reset after reboot :frowning:


Hi, Gytis:
Any new process on this?

May be you can try with a new MAC Address, as some invalid address may not works.


Well, I generated MAC address using this generator and it still does not persist :worried:

But after reboot it’s again random ethernet address…


The ethernet address is invalid.
You can try to use the mac '98:aa:fc:60:44:ca’


Yes, that worked! :slight_smile:

How do you know when ethernet MAC address is valid?


The second bit must be even. You can try to set ethaddr following below list

  • 98:EA:4F:10:DF:FD
  • 96:EA:4F:10:DF:FD
  • 94:EA:4F:10:DF:FD
  • 92:EA:4F:10:DF:FD
  • 90:EA:4F:10:DF:FD