CPU frequency up to 2GHz?



currently the CPU frequency is limited at 1.51GHz. Is it possible to get the CPU running at 2GHz?
Specification says 2GHz are possible. How can this be achieved under Linux with VIM2?

Do i need to change the cpu_dvfs_tbl only or must also something be change inside the linux kernel?

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It seems the hardware is limited to 1.5Ghz and it is not possible to over clock it further.



Yes, it looks like marketing bla bla.
But HardKernel did push AMLogic to release an unlimited firmware (bl30.bin) . And the got a new one from AMLogic with all frequencies unlocked up to 2 GHz.
So maybe “bl30.bin” for VIM2 has already a complete table of frequencies or Khadas stuff can push AMLogic to get new “bl30.bin” like HardKernel did.