Build Android (6.0/7.0) - system ui has stopped


What exactly are you going to modify?


follow post what Terry mentioned, with that modifications

  1. $ cd ~/khadas/mmallow
  2. $ source build/
  3. $ lunch kvim-userdebug-64
  4. $ make -j4 otapackage

“problem is” that console is working and suprisely, system ui windows is disaapear too… I will try that under Android 6 now… (so lunch kvim-userdebug-32 instead)

so all is about that userdebug mode? :open_mouth:


ok, so I can confirm, that if I run compilations as userdebug, with “system ui has stopped” issues is gone and linux console is accesible and controlable. This is valid for Android 6 and Android 7.

so sorry, that I’m gave up that way, I have something else to do. I’m ok for sure with this debug image, what ever is means.

For 32bit compilations I follows the doc, just

cd ~/project/khadas/mmallow
$ source build/
$ lunch kvim-userdebug-32
$ make -jN otapackage

for 64bit system I have issues with not enought host memory (limit JDK to use only 4GB), so I need that, first

./prebuilts/sdk/tools/jack-admin kill-server
./prebuilts/sdk/tools/jack-admin start-server

and than I can do compilations, similary like

source ./build/
lunch kvim-userdebug-64
make -j4 otapackage

hope is helps Gytis and others… that userdebug helps me.
note: Obviously needs to be add these rule updates, atleast I’m add for compilation


Before rebuilding did you include rule updates that @terry provided?

I did rebuild Nougat without those updates just in userdebug so it still fails on “system ui” error, now rebuilding with those updates.


good point,
Android 6 with the rule-update, (but because I’m not rollout changes back)
Android 7 without (because even I’m add missing semicollon, I have still some syntax error, so rollout all changes back)


With rules:

[quote]allow platform_app property_socket:sock_file write;
allow platform_app system_prop:property_service set;[/quote]
added to system/sepolicy/platform_app.te and using lunch kvim-userdebug-64 instead of lunch kvim-user-64 it finally works - no system ui failed error :smiley:

Thanks @terry and @TomasFilip :slight_smile:


I have the same issue using nougat, but i can’t find these files, using root browser.

I have enabled hidden files, but can’t find sepolicy file under system folder.


It’s not on device, look it up in sources before you build.


I didn’t build anything, i receive this error on Nougat build.