Armbian + KODI (Ubuntu\Debian) for SD & USB & eMMC


Hello @balbes150 . Thank you for posting the mali-7 image.

How did you build that mali-7 image above? I am trying to replicate your achievement but am unable to do so.



What exactly do you want to collect ? Write down the detailed steps you are taking.


Image Armbian upgrade. 3.14_20180507 and 4.16_20180508.
Images are in the directory “no-mali”.
Pay attention.
These images do not have libMali.

The latest version of Armbian 3.14_20180507 and 4.16_20180508 uses KODI without libMali, so it can run on all s905 and s912 models, but without Appart acceleration.


Looking good, thanks, fun to play with. Sound, emmc & USB seem fine (except no RNDIS nor DVB support). Hope one day WiFi & bluetooth will get passed 4.9 :grinning:


What is the latest image? Is it the one in the first post? If it isnt, Can you put the recommended/latest image in the first post?


I can’t edit old messages. The latest version for today is in “no-mail” directory"


Is it this one?


The latest version is located in the catalog “no-mali”


In the folder no-mali, theres a lot of files. Which one is recommended? Whtas the differece between each one?


Oh hi. Thanks for responding. Actually, I’ve managed to get it working now. Thanks!!


Update images version 5.44_20180515.

Please note that the content of MATE\Xfce has changed. Now there is no KODI in the composition of these images. KODI packages with dependencies are in separate directories on the site. To install them, you need to download all the files from the desired directory and install manually (with the appropriate commands “dpkg -i” and “apt install -f”).