ArchLinux + KODI (SD & USB & eMMC)


Update image ArchLinux + KODI (S9xxx_ArchLinux_20170914_3_14_29_KODI.img.xz).
After unzip and write the image, copy the correct dtb file. The new image is used KODI-17.4. Added support for remote control. To use the remote control to rename the file “remote.conf.vim” in “remote.conf”. Pay attention, as it is a ready image, there is no automatic extension of the second section on the entire media, it has to be done manually (e.g. using gparted on a PC). After system startup, KODI starts automatically (in manual start or what not required). All the network settings and WiFi needs to be run in a production system (exit KODI, login as “root” password “root” and run the setup, restart the system or through an SSH connection).

user "alarm"
password “alarm”

ArchLinuxARM on Khadas Vim2

hello I wanted to ask you if having the remix os mini sources you can conpilarne one for the vim?
in the positive case the remix sources mini - remix os 2.0 are here



remixos-kernel - linux kernel source used in Remix OS


To create an image Remix OS possible. But now I have no free time. You can try to collect. If you have any problems, email me and I will try to help.


I’d be glad to give it a try.
2 questions :

  • which dtb. for the vim3 (if it’s supported)?
  • what do u mean by “there is no automatic extension of the second section” : does it mean I have to create a partition? What FS (ext4?).

Thanks in advance!


VIM-3 ???
Such a model exists ?
This image is only for model VIM-1 (chip S905X). If it is about the VIM-2 (chip S912), the image will not be on the VIM-2 to work.
The extension of the secondary section - for this you need the PC to run a special program (for Linux, you can use the GPARTED program) and increase the size of the second partition on the media in the available space.


Sorry for the typo!
I was questioning about VIM2, as you had gathered.
Sorry to understand that VIM2 is still wip.
Anyway, thks for you reply!!



  1. Flash image ok
  2. Rename “remote.conf.vim” in “remote.conf” ok
  3. Rename Dtb.vim in dtb.img move in root ok
    4, Resize Gparted in linux ok
  4. Run kodi ok
  5. Exit kodi ok
    login as root ok
    login as alarm ok…
  6. Run desktop arch linux no workig…
    How to run to desktop?


All users have their own preferences with options DE.
You can install and configure the desired DE yourself.


An updated version 20180202 of ArchLinux with KODI 17.6.
Note that this version can only work on S905\S905X.


Update 20180207 image ArhLinux + KODI-17.6.

Updated kernel, now works HW when playing video. If artifacts appear on the image, you need to move your mouse. These artifacts are from the output to the console of service information. I have not yet found a way to disable the display of this service information. Please ask those who have 4K equipment to check how 4K playback works.


Added to the website the image with pre-installed ArchLinux 20180207 MATE. The user “alarm” password “alarm” . User “root” password “root”.

Added console version of the image ArchLinux.


There is a variant of ArchLinux image with KODI-18. Is there anyone who would like to try it ?