Android Nougat(7.1.1) Source code available for download


You can use wifi adb
$ adb connect IP
$ adb shell


Terry, time to bed :slight_smile:
(Joking, actually, its midnight here in China at the moment )


Yes, I connect on wifi ABD.
I sent top & logcat on your email.
The system begins to slow down when loaded. For example, YouTube has launched and opened settings.


Any plan to mirror the repos from github to Chinese local Internet hosting service, like oschina, taobao git, or others ?

The oschina and some others has the function to import the github repos. So the only change should be the manifest.xml.

The net speed is extremely slow in China, even through proxy.


Yes, it’s terrible!

Currently, we don’t have any plan to host source code on China local server yet, as we tend to use Github as the only server to got update.

But if needed, we will tarball the repos and upload the Baidu Yun first, so just let me know if you need.



Yes we need it, and thanks.

From my experience, both the uploading and downloading using BaiduYun is slow too(mostly, <100KB/s) if one don’t have the BaiDu VIP account. At the same time, the oschina/csdn/taobao and other code hosting website would get full speed.
Yes, adding other git remote needs an extra git push.

If you choose to flat the repos, may be you can append the ’ --exclude-vcs ’ option or something like this to reduce the size.