Android Nougat(7.1.1) Source code available for download


Wifi does not work on Nougat.
And ABD does not work too.
How to fix it?


The usb adb is unavailable in this version.
We will add the usb adb function in next release rom.
About the wifi does not work,Can you provider the logcat and kernel printing log for me,I will reply for you tomorrow


I sent the kernel log on your email.


The main problem is:

[   62.389161@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_scan_done (err 0)
[   62.389282@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_remain_on_channel_expired (err 0)
[   62.397069@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_new_sta (err 0)
[   62.401795@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_disconnected (err 0)
[   62.408032@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_ready_on_channel (err 0)
[   62.414264@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_inform_bss_width_frame (err 0)
[   62.420554@3] dhd: Unknown symbol wiphy_register (err 0)
[   62.426212@3] dhd: Unknown symbol wiphy_new (err 0)
[   62.430656@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_put_bss (err 0)
[   62.435963@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_roamed (err 0)
[   62.441392@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_ch_switch_notify (err 0)
[   62.447573@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_ibss_joined (err 0)
[   62.453480@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_michael_mic_failure (err 0)
[   62.459770@3] dhd: Unknown symbol wiphy_apply_custom_regulatory (err 0)
[   62.466422@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_connect_result (err 0)
[   62.472570@3] dhd: Unknown symbol wiphy_unregister (err 0)
[   62.477843@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_get_bss (err 0)
[   62.483599@3] dhd: Unknown symbol __ieee80211_get_channel (err 0)
[   62.489338@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_mgmt_tx_status (err 0)
[   62.495585@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_find_ie (err 0)
[   62.500797@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_unregister_wdev (err 0)
[   62.506853@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_del_sta (err 0)
[   62.512396@3] dhd: Unknown symbol ieee80211_channel_to_frequency (err 0)
[   62.518932@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_rx_mgmt (err 0)
[   62.524456@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_chandef_create (err 0)
[   62.530501@3] dhd: Unknown symbol ieee80211_frequency_to_channel (err 0)
[   62.537115@3] dhd: Unknown symbol cfg80211_unlink_bss (err 0)
[   62.542810@3] dhd: Unknown symbol wiphy_free (err 0)
  1. Check if the file ‘/system/lib/cfg80211.ko’ exist.
  2. Get informations from ‘/proc/kallsyms’ and make sure the above functions like ‘cfg80211_scan_done’ in it.


The file “cfg80211.ko” is not in the folder /out/target/product/kvim/system/lib/
But it is in the folder /out/target/product/kvim/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/net/wireless/cfg80211.ko

How to fix it?


Did you modify the file ‘common/arch/arm64/configs/kvim_defconfig’ ?
Make sure the config ‘CONFIG_CFG80211=m’


I did not modify.
I checked file, kvim_defconfig. It has ‘CONFIG_CFG80211=m’


I am sorry for that,I missed the info.
You can follow below command to pack the update.img

$ make otapackage  -j8  TARGET_SKIP_OTA_PACKAGE=true  


What do I do?
only this:

$ make otapackage -j8 TARGET_SKIP_OTA_PACKAGE=true


$ make installclean -j8
$ make otapackage -j8 TARGET_SKIP_OTA_PACKAGE=true


That is better. You can check the file after doing that .


I do that. $ make installclean -j8$ make otapackage -j8 TARGET_SKIP_OTA_PACKAGE=true

Pack image[out/target/product/kvim/update.img] OK
out/target/product/kvim/update.img installed

make completed successfully (13:05 (mm:ss))

but file did not have


I can put cfg80211.ko from the /out/target/product/kvim/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/net/wireless/ to the /out/target/product/kvim/system/lib/ and repackage update.img :smirk:

Do you think that will work? :slight_smile:


You can have a try.:smile:


I tried it. So, wi-fi is work!!! :slight_smile:


Nougat is working fine, but if you go into the settings, everything begins to slow down and a message appears “Settings isn’t respondig”

What is the problem?


Please provider the logcat and top information for me when you get the ANR


I don’t understand.
Should I make a logcat when this message comes?


After some times, it work fast…


Yes,you need to provider the logcat log(android log)when this message comes
The top information , it is about system resources.
You can follow below command:
$ adb shell
$ top


ADB does not work on Nougat )))))))

The Settings are slow if they come immediately after loading. But After some times, it work fast…