Accessories for Khadas VIM


Yes, it isn’t easy to figure out which jack is used, and i didn’t find any info on the manual.

I have few phone chargers rated 5V/2A, so this won’t be a problem, i did contact gearbest, to be sure the size is right, they should point me in the right direction.

I know that i can harm my device(s) by using 12V adapter, don’t worry, i won’t do such a move :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping me!


I am thinking about ditching this fan, it is louder than my desktop fan, i could live with the poor design of gpio fan connector that goes outside the case, but what bothers me is that i can’t control it.

If i could lower the fan rpm-s, or maybe to set the fan to turn on when the cpu reaches some temperature, that would be a different story.

But for now i do have a custom made, completely silent desktop fan that serves it’s purpose, it would probably be louder with 12V adapter, but who cares when 5V is enough for cooling the device.

I do hope they will reconsider the Vim design, there should be a revision that addresses these issues, making a new board without fixing this issues would be a little silly.

And i do hope we will see other accesories for Vim, i think most people don’t care about screws for cluster computing, i would like to see other things for it.

This is my first sbc, and there were things i didn’t know about when i bought it, regarding to hw and sw, but now i do understand a lot of things, and i can see why there are popular and less popular boards.


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Does the IR Remote come with an IR blaster or does the Vim SBC already have one built in ?


Vim has front two-channel IR receiver.メディアボックス.png